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    About us

    Pony Pentium Film & Television is committed to the customized production services of film and television dramas, micro films and high-end promotional films. It has a group of professional scriptwriter, director and photography production team, purchased high-quality film and television recording equipment, and produced theatrical films and network films simultaneously。Provide drone technology, VR photography, short video planning and production and training...

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    Jiangxi ProvinceNanchang CityQingshan Lake DistrictShunwai Road No. 658 Hufang Industrial Park Area A building 1

    18970815258, 13870954595(Mr. Hu)

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    Pony Pentium Film and television is a company focusing on film and television drama, micro film, advertising film, promotional film planning and production

    Record number:Jiangxi ICP No. 14009300